Why Not Whitewash?

When we choose new flooring for our homes, so often we are concerned with the functionality, the durability and the ease of cleaning the floors we will place in our space.  This doesn’t always lead to the best choice for a room’s design.  Sometimes you need a different option.  That’s where a whitewashed floor comes in.

Whitewashed finishes have made a comeback and provide a clean aesthetic for just about any space.  Whitewash also pairs well with many design styles, including: Modern, Farmhouse and Shabby Chic.

One of the best things about this type of flooring is that it can help open up a smaller space by adding more dimension to a room and making it appear and feel larger than it actually is, especially when used with a wider plank flooring.

Because of its neutral coloring, whitewashed flooring pairs well with just about any color/texture combination and ads a soft, clean look to the overall design of any room in your home.

Best of all, whitewashed flooring is available for purchase and install and have durable finishes to last for many years in your home.  Stop by and see what options might work best in your home!

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