Window Accessories

Once you have the right flooring and the right furniture, the look of the room can be completed with the right accessories.  That is where window treatments come in.

Window treatments have been an important design feature since the Renaissance period.  From silk to linen and from linen to damask, nothing can bring a room together like the right drapes or the right blinds.

There are other benefits to be had from window treatments.  They do more than compliment the rest of your design. They also:

  • Allow you to regulate how much light enters your home.
  • Allow you to have more control over the temperature of your home.
  • Create unique looks with different materials.
  • Allow you to protect your privacy in any room.
  • Serve as excellent insulation and helps to keep energy costs down.
  • Are available in a multitude of styles and colors.

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas believes that “the perfect window treatment should do more than just cover a window.”  For the past century, they have worked toward discovering new ways to manage the daily illumination, privacy and energy needs of a home.  They are constantly providing innovative and pioneering designs that add value and style to any room.

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