Grey: Our Favorite Neutral

What is extremely versatile, completely neutral, elegant, and pairs perfectly with almost every other color & color palette?  If you said grey, you’d be right!

Grey is almost a colorless color. Even though it is the technical halfway point between white and black, it has so many cool and warm hues, making it an excellent color choice for any home.

Grey is so flexible, that you can use multiple shades in a single space.  It can be your wall color, your furniture color and your window treatment, and still allows for pops of depth with select pieces in a room.

As previously mentioned, grey is so complimentary to other colors and palettes that it doesn’t have to stand alone, even though it can.  Grey can be coupled by other colors and textures and still look equally beautiful.

If you like what you see, come in and find out what dynamic designs you can create with different shades of grey.  And don’t forget about our 20th Anniversary Sale-ebration Specials!

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